Our Clientele
Here we are giving details of the satisfied client.
  • Total water management Styrun Healthcare Ltd. Good Game
  • Totally water management Heavy Metals & Tubes Ltd. R.O + DM Plant with zero conductivity-Heavy Metals & Tubes Ltd-1.Kalol.
  • Waste water recycling as reused it.- Heavy Metals & Tubes Ltd-3 Mandali.
  • Totally utility managed RO, Fire, ETP, STP -ASR Projects Ltd.-Bagodara.
  • ETP to RO. Zero Dis. Liquid Patel Airflow Ltd. Vatva.
  • ETP by evaporation Shree Hari Pharma Vadsor.
  • ETP by recycling reused Cidar Deco India Ltd, Ankiel.
  • Totally water management D.J. Pharma Pvt.Ltd.
  • Totally water management ETP to RO ZLD-Metso Minerals Ltd. Katella
  • STP to recycling in zero waste Suman Play Wood Kadi Road
  • STP waste water recycling Royal Crown Laminates Ltd.-Bhavnagar.
  • Bottling Plant-Daman Ganga Beverages-Nova.
  • Mineral water bottling plant & blow molding Sharda Beverages-Jabalpur-MP.
  • R.O.+ Chilled water plant -20 lit. Hari-Krishna Beverages Rosada-Ahmedabad.
  • Swimming pull & colorful fountain Shree Sainath Reach Park-Shirdi Mhst.

We are also working like fertilizer, pharmaceutical industries, chemical die-stuff or pigment plant, thermal power plant, cement plant, paper plant, sugar industries, laminates & play wood industries. Textile, food, dairy & beverages industries.

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