Sewage Treatment Plant
This Sewage Treatment Plant is used in both commercial and residential premises for cleaning of the sewage water waste. The treated water can be used for different purposes such as watering the garden, cleaning the cars and floors etc.
Water Softeners
Hard Water Softener are readily used for removing the extra amount of minerals in the water such as magnesium and calcium. These equipment covert the hard water into soft water by following a process of exchange of salts of aforesaid salts with sodium.
Water Purifiers
We are providing the excellent manufactured water purifiers, which are made by advance reverse osmosis system and are equipped with sensor controlling system. These purifiers provide clean, bacterial-free and contaminants-free water.
Water Treatment Turnkey Projects
We are accepting Water Treatment Turnkey Projects, wherein design, construction and installation of water treatment plants is undertaken by us. These plants can treat and store water up to 150 meter in three hours without any break.
Treatment Plant
We manufacture and provide the Treatment plant of various kinds that are manufactured with a motive of zero discharge for less water and other sort of wastage. It is completely safe for usage and quality checked by various authorized  professionals.
Industrial Water Deionizers
Use our efficient and effective Industrial Water Deionizers, which are widely used in pharmaceutical, beverages and food industries. The deionizers body are made of stainless steel and equipped with high quality semipermeable membrane for filtration of water.
Industrial Deaerators
We offer you the industrial deaerators that are specially designed to remove the gases from water that are dissolved in it. These deaerators are long lasting, safe and extremely durable. They are made with thorough professionalism for effective performance.

The industrial filters are brought by us for the excellent performance and are used for clearing and treating industrial oils, lubricants and gases. These filters are made for commercial purposes and are designed for longer endurance and performance.
We manufacture and supply soda water plant to our esteemed customers in the food and beverage industry. It is made up grade quality raw material for a hassle free and smooth performance for a long period of time.
Demineralization Water Plant
We manufacture high quality demineralization water plant that works to treat water by removing salts and other impurities from it. The water plant is made with top quality raw material and has a long service life.
Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants
The industrial Reverse Osmosis plant is manufactured by us using high quality raw material and is designed by top professionals in a way that it consumes less power than the other conventional plants and is more durable.
Mineral Water Treatment Plants
The mineral water treatment plant manufactured by us works on the reverse osmosis process and is provided with a UV light that kills bacteria and other viruses. The plant has a longer durability and is made with top notch material.
Zero Liquid Discharge System
The zero liquid discharge system is manufactured by us and is designed by skilled professionals with a perspective of zero water waste as most of the water is recovered in the plant itself. 
Jar Washing Machine
These Jar Washing Machines are getting popular for their durable, well-organized and effective working. The machine body is made of stainless steel and is equipped with detergent washer machine, which helps in cleaning the jars, bottles, cans & containers.
Water Pouch Packing Machine
Water Pouch Packing Machine is automatic in function, easy to install and operate. It features robust, modern and sturdy design as well as construction. This machine filtrates 99% of impurities and provides hygienic packaging of potable water in pouches of specific sized.
Micro Filtration System
We are offering innovative Micro Filtration Systems which are made up of superior quality steel and installed with micro activated carbon filters to prevent minor contaminate particles in water. 
Dual Media Filter
The Dual Media Filter removes the minor particles from the water by using high pressure filtration rate. Hence, it can filter water up to 250 LPH with the great and efficient flow rate.

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